Top 30 best black men hair twist for 2024

Men Hair Twist

Every one wants to look different from others so they are trying something unique specially in the fashion not only the women men are also take part in it. This article is particularly for the men to style their all type of the hairs. The men hair twist styles are the popular now a days. It is very east to make to create a different and trendy look.

In this article you will learn about the different types of the men hair twist. It is most common in the Affro men suited to their hairs but other can also try this hairstyle according to their taste. you will found different types of the men hair twist.

How to create the Men Hair Twist

1. Clean your Hairs

First you have to wash your hairs with good shampoo and the conditioner to create twists with neatness.

2. use hair products

The second step is to apply the hair products like gel and spray that helps to hold the hairs to your damp hairs.

3. section your hairs

Section your hair with the help of the wide-tooth comb. For the small twists create the small sections and for the long twists create the long sections. The size of the sections depend on the your desired.

4. twist making process

Take the one section and divide them into two equals parts. Then twist it around each other at the end. Repeat it for the every twist.

5. tie the ends

Secure the ends of the twists with smaller hair tie, curls the end and make a braid.

6. Final step

At the end let it dry with the help of the dryer and you can also use some hair accessories to provide the better look.

30 best black men hair twist

Following are the different styles of the men hair twist. You can try it which one you want according to your choice.

1. Classic Coil:

Tight coils of hair that form a uniform and neat pattern.

2. Swirl Effect:

Twists arranged in a swirling or circular pattern, creating a dynamic look.

3. Undercut Twist:

Twists incorporated into an undercut hairstyle, combining shorter sides with twisted top sections.

4. Afro-Centric Twist:

Twists that celebrate natural Afro-textured hair, often with larger twists for a bold look.

5. Messy Marvel:

Looser and less structured twists, creating a more casual and textured appearance.

6. Zigzag Twists:

Twists that follow a zigzag pattern, adding an element of uniqueness to the hairstyle.

7. Bantu Knots:

Small, coiled knots created by twisting sections of hair into tight buns.

8. Flat Twists:

Twists that lay flat against the scalp, often used to create intricate patterns.

9. Two-Strand Twists:

Twists formed by dividing hair into two sections and twisting them around each other.

10. Comb Twist:

Twists created using a comb to achieve a defined and structured appearance.

11. High-Top Twists:

Twists incorporated into a high-top fade or high-top haircut.

12. Finger Coils:

Twists formed by wrapping small sections of hair around the fingers to create defined coils.

13. Spring Twists:

Twists with a spring-like pattern, often achieved with the use of styling tools.

14. Dreadlock Twists:

Twists that develop into dreadlocks over time, creating a unique and textured hairstyle.

15. Rope Twists:

Twists with a spiral or rope-like appearance, achieved by twisting sections tightly.

16. Havana Twists:

Larger twists with a chunky and rope-like texture, often created with extensions.

17. Cornrow Twists:

Twists braided close to the scalp in a linear pattern.

18. Spiral Twists:

Twists with a spiral pattern, adding a dynamic and visually interesting element.

19. Corkscrew Twists:

Twists with a tight and corkscrew-like pattern.

20. Triangle Part Twists:

Twists arranged in a triangular parting pattern for a geometric and modern look.

21. Combination Twists:

Mixing different twist styles to create a unique and personalized hairstyle.

22. Layered Twists:

Twists arranged in layers, adding depth and dimension to the hairstyle.

23. Twist Out:

A hairstyle achieved by unraveling twists to create a textured and voluminous look.

24. Honeycomb Twists:

Twists arranged in a honeycomb-like pattern for a visually striking appearance.

25. Basket Weave Twists:

Twists arranged to create a basket weave pattern, often intricate and detailed.

26. Flat Top Twists:

Twists incorporated into a flat top haircut, creating a distinctive and stylish look.

27. Sponge Twists:

Twists achieved using a sponge-like tool for a textured and curly result.

28. Parallel Twists:

Twists arranged in parallel lines for a clean and organized aesthetic.

29. Tribal Twists:

Twists combined with tribal-inspired patterns for a culturally influenced hairstyle.

30. Jumbo Twists:

Larger twists that create a bold and eye-catching hairstyle.


1. How long do male twists last?

The duration that male twists last can vary based on several factors, including the specific twist style, hair type, maintenance routine, and personal preferences. But the average duration is 6 or 8 weeks.

2. Are hair twists permanent?

Hair twists themselves are not permanent; they are a temporary styling option. However, certain styles that involve twisting, such as dreadlocks, can be considered more permanent because they are intended to last for an extended period.

3. Are hair twists good?

Whether hair twists are considered “good” depends on individual preferences, hair type, and lifestyle.

4. Does twisting hair damage it?

When done correctly and with proper care, twisting hair typically does not cause damage. In fact, many people use hair twisting as a protective styling method to promote hair health.

5. Is it better to twist hair wet or dry?

The decision to twist hair on wet or dry hair can depend on personal preference, hair type, and the desired outcome of the twist style.


In conclusion, hair twists can be a fantastic and versatile styling option, but their suitability depends on individual factors and proper care practices. If you’re considering twists, it’s advisable to consult with a hairstylist experienced in natural hair care for personalized advice based on your hair type and preferences.

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